Some have highly-structured house rules, while others are more flexible and social in nature. If you are seeking professional treatment, you may find structured sober housing as an extension of your rehab program. If you or a loved one are struggling with mental health or substance abuse, we can help. You will learn to make new friends and establish a social life outside of drugs or alcohol. More than likely, some of your relationships with friends and family members were damaged by your addiction. Addiction often has that effect, whether you were cut off from loved ones who tried to help or you yourself pushed loved ones away in the name of drugs.

When you decide to be sober however, new options open up to you. Instead, when you’re sober, you may go camping, hiking, build your first computer, read a book, actually enjoy yourself antiquing, and so on. Your choice of “fun” isn’t limited to where they’re serving alcohol anymore.

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Another reason why your energy is often lower while abusing substances than it is while sober is because addiction causes you to not get good sleep. Because you aren’t receiving good sleep when suffering from addiction, your body is not getting the proper time and rest that it needs to refuel itself. This also means that living a sober life will help you gain your energy back. One of the many benefits of sobriety is that you’ll get a fresh start on repairing these broken relationships. All you need to do is take responsibility for your past wrongs and prove to your family and friends that you’re now sober and trustworthy again. As a result, you may be able to rebuild relationships that broke due to addiction. When you are living sober, you are more aware of yourself – your emotions, interests, desires, and triggers.

  • The year 2020 is a great new opportunity to continue growing and learning in sobriety.
  • When you’re suffering from addiction, your only concern is to get more substances.
  • Just be sure that your rewards don’t involve drugs or alcohol.
  • Remember to care for yourself, seek supportive relationships, and consider seeking help from a therapist.

But people are diagnosed with these diseases every day, and if you abuse alcohol or drugs regularly, chances are high that you’ll eventually be one of them. When you’re sober, you don’t have to worry about developing life-threatening complications from your habits. For many people who don’t have healthy relationships with themselves, substance misuse can be a way to mask that discomfort. Then, they don’t have to learn how to love themselves because they’re covering their feelings rather than dealing with them. When you live a sober life, you can get to know yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin.Self-loveand addiction are two things that can never go hand-in-hand. When you are in recovery, you can overcome the symptoms of addiction and instead have a healthy lifestyle. You can replace substance misuse with exercise and physical activity.

I learned how to have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Getting sober significantly eased the presence of most of these maladies, and the basic process of eliminating alcohol from my at-home (and Covid-induced lockdown) routine was bizarrely easy. “The goal is not to isolate and to socialize in environments where there is no temptation to drink because alcohol is not served or part of the equation,” explains Hafeez. Pick up some new hobbies to fill that extra space in your life.

  • Once I got sober I realized that I didn’t have to make more money in order to pay all of my bills, I just had to be more responsible with what I did have.
  • One of the many benefits of sobriety is that you’ll get a fresh start on repairing these broken relationships.
  • Naturally, I chose her because I love her, she’s my best friend.
  • I have always hated the feeling that I’m putting people out or being difficult.
  • The best part is, you feel like the work you do is more meaningful than before; you no longer have to work for the drugs but instead work for yourself and your family.

A sober life is always better than one spent fighting with addiction. You’ll have more clarity, focus, drive – and you’ll slowly start to build your relationships back up to go on living as a productive member of society.

More Energy

Playing games or doing fun activities together that don’t involve alcohol is a great way to form new connections. That being said, you might not be at a place where you want people to know you’re not drinking, and that’s OK. You can provide an excuse, like that you’re on antibiotics, or you aren’t feeling great or want to feel fresh for something you have going on the next day. It’s important to remember that you never have to give yourself up to make other people comfortable—ever. Whether you’re stating a one-sentence response (“I don’t drink”) or using a small excuse, the only thing to consider is whether you are comfortable, and whether your boundaries are being upheld. In the early days, I felt that it was my responsibility to answer the question, “How come you aren’t drinking? ” I didn’t understand I could decline to answer or that I didn’t have to make sense to everyone.

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Alcohol and drugs aren’t conducive to good sleep – they can keep you up late at night, make it hard to fall asleep when you want to, or make you sleepy during the daytime. When you’re sober, you’re able to stick to a healthy sleep schedule and wake up feeling refreshed every day. Everything in your life can feel more manageable without the effects ofalcoholand drugs. That’s not the case and many people find tremendous value in their sobriety, even if they didn’t go to the darkest place some people with addictions do. In fact, more and more people are becoming “sober curious” as a way to have a healthier, more balanced life. Sober living isn’t just interesting; it’s fulfilling and vibrant.

Learn to Love Yourself

We also offer volunteer opportunities, so our members can gain self-esteem and self-efficacy, and become contributing members of the community. Stay strong by holding tight to a tangible idea of why you’re not drinking. Mine is always to centre on the feeling of waking up in the morning without a headache and anxiety, and to be a kinder and more creative individual. When I was drinking, at least 70% of my social interactions would take place in the presence of alcohol.

  • When you suffer from addiction, you become so obsessed with obtaining more alcohol or drugs that you stop investing in your relationships with other people.
  • You may also need to change your route to work or home in order to avoid any triggers, or people, places, or things that make you want to use drugs or drink again.
  • These benefits are usually short-term, and often come with severe risks, but they are desirable, nonetheless.
  • I found out that I had an opportunity to help other people overcome the same adversity I had faced.
  • When you’re misusing drugs or alcohol, your relationships may be built on substance use.
  • When you’re sober though, your skin naturally becomes healthier.

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Why Is Sober Life So Boring?

I’m 71 years old and quit drinking about three months ago. I had been drinking way too much way too often since age 16. I’ve lost a big part of my life, time, energy, and activity to alcohol. These last three months have not been fantastic, but in balance so much better than when I was drinking. Great list Bill – I’m just shy of 5 months sober and I’m really enjoying the benefits of not drinking. My behaviour when drunk was pretty terrible; I had this knack for saying shocking things or doing physically dangerous stunts (climbing walls, trying to get out of moving cars etc…).

As a result, you’ve likely broken and lost relationships that you’ve had in the past with family members and friends while suffering from addiction. Continuous substance abuse can even do things like cause your blood pressure to spike or decrease to an unhealthy range. When your blood pressure becomes too high or too low, it can cause your body to go into shock. Therefore, it is sometimes imperative for your blood pressure and overall health to become sober. Surprise, surprise, but more restorative sleep leads to more energy.


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